Sunday, January 16, 2005

Going to the dogs

Today is easy: I am grateful for dogs. I volunteered to walk dogs that were "rescued" from shelters and were available for adoption. I have a cat and I thought it would be fun to spend some time with dogs. I was with one dog whole day, Spotsy. A sweet Springer mix with not enough leash training. This is the thing about dogs: they are happy. Being around dogs makes me happy. It really put me in a good mood and it also tired me out.

After I got back to DC (the volunteer gig was in far away Sterling, VA--necessitating a long metro ride and a lift from the station), I met Jake for a date. Jake and I had a pleasant Jdate exchange and a brief phone conversation. I liked his looks from his photo. In person, he looked just the same and I recognized him immediately.

We met near Eastern Market and vaguely planned to watch one of the football play-off games. That's what we did. We also got something to eat because I was starving. I'd managed to get myself breakfast, but lunchtime went to the dogs, so to speak.

Jake, what can I say? He was awfully easy to be with. He was attractive. He was also sort of not there, but there. Was he a little vague? I don't know. I didn't feel like we were connecting, but making a second date seemed natural and right.

I chitter-chattered a bit. He sometimes answered with what seemed like nonsequiturs, but weren't. I tried to draw him out and get him talking, but I didn't do so well. The conversation was fine, but not of much depth. I talked a lot about my family, mostly my brothers. A good semi-personal and pretty interesting gambit.

He walked me part of the way home and asked me if I wanted to go out again and I said sure. I said maybe to see music, since we'd talked about that quite a bit. He said that next Friday he was going to Baltimore to see some friends of his in a band and maybe I wanted to do that. I said, yes, maybe, I need to check my schedule. I said I wanted to say yes, but just wanted to make sure it was a real yes. He said he understood. I like him. I guess, what I do here is not make any decisions. Go slow and give myself a chance to know him and see where my feelings go. I like him, he's game. Flexible, easy to be with. Cute. Friendly. Distant. I could imagine being worked up about this guy, but I'm not. Not yet.

I'm looking, always looking, so hard for someone like my old Seattle boyfriend (Doug) that I get too hopeful sometimes when someone seems similar. Well, Jake is not Doug, but maybe it's more important to find someone who makes me feel the way I did when I was with Doug and who treats me just as well. Oh, and Jake has two cats.


  1. YAY no silly allergic people. Yay cats. (And yay dogs, too.) Your new picture isn't the potato picture, is it?
    Sounds like Gary is an interesting guy and worth checking out some more. You have fun!


  2. Usually to find a good one, you have to date 50 mediocre ones first ;)

  3. The picture is, indeed, the one with the potato.


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