Thursday, January 06, 2005

Back at work

I stayed home again yesterday, feeling a little sorry myself, but also very tired and not quite ready to face the world. I read a light-weight book and enjoyed staying in bed until after 11am. I didn't call in, which was bad, but they knew I was "sick" since I was out on Monday. I came in today determined to take care of things at work and I've done almost everything I needed to do. There is one task I can't quite face, so I'm regrouping with the blog until I figure out how to do what I need to do. It is a hard thing so I'm not just being lazy. Everything else I did was housekeeping--faxing, returning emails, trying to persuade another office that I really need the data I'm requesting. Me: we need these data for the project. Her: no you don't, tell me exactly which items you need. Me: [insert description of project] sorry, we really need all of it. Her: from that description, you only need part of it. Me: Sorry, [insert better description] we need all of it. Very frustrating.

Then I had the most bizarre Jdate instant message (IM) session this morning. A short excerpt:

Him: so, have you ever had any work done?
Me: work done? what do you mean?
Him: Plastic sur
Me: no, of course not. what a question. kinda rude
Him: well, you are 35 and single, you are probably not used to being treated with a ton of respect
Me: so that means, what, you get to be rude to me? don't understand where you are coming from
Him: Not rude, it was a ? nevermind
Me: but why are you asking me that? wouldn't you rather know, say, where I'm from, what i like to do, something about my family
Him: I am sure, what you like to do, is not what I like to do. And, if I don't know you, why would I ask about your family already?

And then he wanted my number. He wanted to get together. The only question is why I continued to chat with him as long as I did. I guess it was my old curse of curiosity. I couldn't quite believe he was for real. But he was--really an ass, really wanted to meet me right away, presumably for sex. But, geez, if that's what you want, just come out and say it. I'm not interested in that. I guess the game playing was entertaining for a few minutes. But why there is anything about me that would appeal to someone like him? Probably it was just a scattershot, who is on-line, who has an acceptable pic, and let's just get it going thing. So, I'm a sucker. As he said, whatever.
I'm grateful that I'm a sucker and that I'm always surprised when I run into jerks like this guy.

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