Wednesday, December 29, 2004

More on gratitude

I think I’m starting to get the theme for this blog. Really, what does gratitude have to do with dating? Maybe a lot. Look, I’m picky, I’m moody, I’m impatient. I’m unlikely to give guys a chance and likely to write them off as boring. If I’m going to go out on a lot of internet assisted dates, I need to find some way to make it a more satisfying experience. Maybe that’s where gratitude comes in.

By the way, the whole gratitude thing sort of reeks of self-help, touchy-feely, new age, icky stuff that I hate, hate, hate. That’s just how big a rut I’m in: I’ll try almost anything.

So, here's the other thing I've been trying: I've just signed on to a new internet dating site. It's the fourth one I've tried (that is scary) and I'm getting the most responses ever. In one week, I've had three dates and a fourth is pending. On those other sites, over a combined total of six or seven months of activity, I had seven dates with five different guys. Why is this site different from all other sites? Why? Because it's JDate of course. Now, talk about scary. I'm a not very observant, not very religious Jew. I was raised Reform, had a Bat Mitzvah and go to Temple on the High Holidays. I'm ambivalent about God and not enthusiastic about organized religion at all. I've only been on dates with Jewish guys, and less than a handful of those. All of my serious (whatever that means) relationships have been with non-Jewish (Christian) guys and some of them were even believers, though obviously somewhat open-minded.

I have to wonder, what am I doing on JDate? Part of the answer is that it is an entirely untapped market. And these guys seem very happy to see me there. There is something different, unique, original about me and it is noticeable in that forum. So, it begs the question, am I grateful for JDate? I think I'll have to wait to answer that one.

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