Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The first grateful entry

This is a blog about dating combined with a gratitude journal. I've been reading and hearing about gratitude journals and how they are supposed to make one feel more contented. I could really use some of that contentment as I feel dissatisfied with many aspects of my life, especially work and romance. I'm doing well on the friendship front, but I could use more. I just find a creeping undercurrent of sadness in my life and it can pop out at the most unexpected times, such as on an actually pleasant non-annoying date.

The basic idea of the gratitude journal is to write down once a day something you are grateful for. That is harder than it sounds.

Today, while I'm not in a bad mood, I'm not feeling very grateful. Well, here's something. I'm grateful that my cat let me sleep until 7am. Yes, that probably has something to do with my not terrible mood. I'm also grateful that I was really wrong about the date last night and I had a good time. The two alcoholic drinks probably helped.

I'm also grateful for my boss. He is probably the number one reason I like my job at all these days. Did I mention that I hate my job? I'm starting to fantasize about other careers, but it all feel hopeless, and I feel guilty for being so damn UNGRATEFUL because I have such a good job. It pays so well, it's so perfect for me, and it should be interesting. And, then, I go and chat with my boss for half an hour, mostly about work, which is actually enjoyable, and then not about work, which is even more enjoyable, and then I'm awfully glad I'm here because I would hate to ever have to work for anyone else.

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