Friday, December 20, 2013

This guy

So there's this guy, Chris. Yes, that's his real name. Anonymous enough, don't you think? I met him a little over a year ago. We IM'd and texted a bunch. After a few weeks of that, late one night, he pursuaded me to meet him out a bar in my neighborhood. We had a drink, we fooled around, I never saw him again. I had a pretty good time with him and he was cute. I didn't think he'd be my bf (sigh--too young), but I also thought another date or two would be fun. You never know. Anyway, there were the occasional texts but nothing of substance. Eventually I suggested we meet again and he simply didn't response. Over a month after that he started texting again (that would be this June). I was starting to see someone else (didn't work out) so I got really annoyed and called him out on his nonsensical mundane messages. He got defensive then apologized and said he'd leave me alone. And he did. I didn't think about him much after that. He became and anecdote about a guy who wanted to text about the weather.

So, I'm still on the dating site and I see him pop up--new profile, but it's his pic. He is viewing my profile over and over--at least a dozen times over a few days. Last night, I finally wrote to him and said, "BTW, I remember who you are." Then he writes back and sort of vaguely apologizes but I can't figure out what he's talking about. After a few more emails the story comes out. He's sorry about the texting. He'd started seeing someone after our date, which is why he wasn't more forthcoming. He felt bad and has been thinking about me. He came on the site (mostly) to apologize to me. He'd deleted my number so he couldn't text me.

I was pretty puzzled by all this. Sure, he was an ok guy, but our encounter was hardly earth shattering. (In many ways, it was downright unsatisfying.) But I liked him well enough, he was cute and interesting, and I was looking forward to seeing him again. It didn't work out that way and I just let it go. But he didn't? How bizarre.

Boys are stupid. But I guess girls are too. Sigh.

Grateful for: the flattering implication of being on someone's mind a year after one date.

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  1. Ah...I think he was embarrassed...and he didn't know how to apologize, Jamy. But you're right - it's flattering to be on someone's mind so long after the first date =D


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